A 60cm wide shade

With a meter long arm

Maximizing your working space

Interchangeable color temperature and luminance

Perfect for any workspace

Giving the most reliable support

The most important partner in your workshop

SJ110 provides JIS AA quality light source

For either professional or hobbyists

You will have the best working experience with this excellent light source in your work shops or studios

Meter long arm covering your entire workspace

Over 30,000 times of arm extending test proof to be reliable and steady

With 3 degree of freedom shade neck

SJ110 stays in any position and any angle within extending range

Changeable color temperatures

SJ110 has four different color temperature modes

Adopting different workspace needs

Giving your eyes the best experience of colors

Anything goes with black

SJ110 also comes in black

Giving the option to match your workplace

And making it more professional

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