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Design & Develop

Each lamp to us represents our 60 years’ worth of experience and technology. We can apply these experiences we have and adapt it to the production plan and procedure at early product development. Escalate the efficiency of productivity and decrease the defective rate. Heavily reduce the required time to have a product to be produced. If you have any brilliant ideas that want to make it happen, feel free to contact us.

Assemble & Mass Production

We have a complete industry chain and have our own assembly line. We offer all kinds of services like processing, assembly, packaging, etc., to finished products or semi-finished products. We have the knowledge and experience to maximize the profit with the most minimal scale of production. If you have any assembly needs, do not hesitate to message us.





No.27, Gong 9th  RD., 2nd  Industrual Park, Linkou Dist., New Taipei City 24452 Taiwan(R.O.C.)



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