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Task Lights

Precise lighting

Durable structure

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LED Magnifiers

High quality of Optical Lens

Perfect for subtle work

Reliable mechanical structure

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Desk Lights

Precise lighting

Durable structure

Meet various needs

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Parallel Motion Arm Structure

The parallel motion arm maintains the shade at a desired angle to the surface while users repositions the arm.

Dimming Control

Users can adjust the illumination with step/continuous dimming functions. Some models are also equipped with memory function that memorize the previous brightness.

Color Temperature Change Function

Color temperature changing function provides users to switch between different color temperatures for various environment or situations.

Power Time-Off Function

Some of our products are equipped with automatic shut-off function.  It helps to save the energy.

USB Charging Function

Convenient USB Charging: Recharge your devices via the built-in 5V/2.1A USB output; keep your smartphone or tablet within reach while charging.


About Sansui

Sansui has been established for more than 60 years.


With more than 60 years experience on lighting industries, Sansui specializes in task lamps, Working lamps, desk lamps and magnifiers. Our customers, including Philips, 3M, YAMADA shomei,...etc, are all over the world, mainly in America, Europe and Asia.

Our design team and manufacturing workforce support our customers to implement their idea and make successful sale in the market. We provide the best service to our customers with our professional team.


Since 1954

Established by Mr. Chen

1,000,000 +

Lamps we've made

500 +

Lamps we've designed


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